Day 2 – Loading

Morning weigh-in: 152 lbs (+2)

This wasn’t any better than yesterday. I really don’t like fat loading! I’m tired of feeling fat and sick and bloated all day long. And apparently I’m doing it wrong – when I tally my calories I’m lucky if I’m hitting 2500 calories and HCG Chica recommends hitting 4000 calories on load days. I don’t even know how I could manage that :(.

I was stuffed by 3pm today – as in, couldn’t eat ANYTHING more. I had a breakfast of protein pancakes topped with Nutella, which I wouldn’t usually add. I followed this up with avocado toast and then got my favourite fried yam tempura and avocado rolls from the sushi restaurant close by. I had one of my nut-based chocolate torte squares I made yesterday for dessert.

I then went to book club and ate as much as I could of the chickpea fritters someone brought (yum!) and the guacamole I brought from the Mexican place and the chocolate torte bars and cookies that were there. Again felt sick but loading was officially done! Woot!

Here’s a line or two I wrote in today’s journal entry:

“I started to think about filling my time when I won’t have food – I need to paint my toenails and thought I would do it while listening to music, and then when I start getting a little smaller I’ll get outside more, walking on the beach or wearing my bikini to the pool and reading and relaxing poolside. Nothing related to food!”


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