Phase 2 Day 1 – VLCD is here!

VLCD = very low-calorie diet 🙂

Weigh-in this morning: 150lbs

Seems I already lost the 2 pounds I gained after day 1 of loading. Could just be due to bowel movements?

I was delighted not to eat anything this morning after stuffing my face for the last two days. I had my HCG pill and about an hour later started on water – it’s key to drink lots of water on this plan. People recommend half your weight in ounces, which would be 75oz of water (for those of you who work in litres, like I do!, 32 oz = 1 litre, so that means 2 1/3 litres daily for me, but to be honest I live in a hot place so tend to drink more like 3 litres anyway.

I have to admit, by the time I got home from work I was already feeling a little down. 30 days was suddenly seeming really long, as the ick factor of the foods I’d eaten was getting to me and while I’d made an afternoon snack of kale chips, I was quickly shot down in the Facebook group because kale isn’t POP (perfectly on protocol). So no more kale chips :(. Of course I have yet to experience any motivating weight loss, so I have to be patient, which is not my forte! I was getting concerned browsing through the Facebook group though, as I realized most people were reporting weight losses of 15lbs in 30 days and I needed 20…I was not going to do all this only to end up 5 pounds heavier than my goal!

I video chatted with my mother who pointed out that I was obsessing and had only talked about food for the first 20 minutes of our chat – this would be a recurring theme as the month went on – so I decided to distract myself with TV and more chats with friends and felt better by the time I headed to bed!

Here’s the excerpt from today’s journal entry:

“Day 1 HCG = I can do it! But…I am feeling a little fed up, bored and hopeless – of course on day 1 there are no pounds lost yet to motivate me and I still have the growing fear that I won’t be able to successfully lose all I need to do, either.”


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