Phase 2 Day 11 VLCD

Weigh-in = 141lbs (-0.5lb)

Possibly apple day worked? A half-pound loss but again I’m going off a physical dial scale. I really need to prioritize getting a digital scale.

I had some deeper thoughts about the HCG journey today, and wrote about them in my journal, so I included them in a longer than usual quote from today’s journal (see below).

The main benefit to apple day is that it gets you excited again by the food you were so bored of before. I’m proud of my inner strength today – I’m 11 days in and have no cravings and am steering clear of food discussions and not being tempted by food being offered to me.

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 11 HCG = food again! Proud of my strength. I’m realizing some things about my relationship with food since I’ve been on this diet:

  1. First, I love food. And this is OK. In fact, this is GOOD. When you love and take joy in food, life can be brighter, more exciting and fun. You get to enjoy your passion several times a day, after all!
  2. BUT food addictions are real – and they can take away from the joy food can bring.
  3. Clearing my diet of much variety, choice and sugar has resulted i a diminishing of daily joy, sure, but also an eradication of any sugar addictions, which has cleared the way for me to relish and crave wholesome healthy foods – I now only want nuts, seeds, avocado, greens, chia seeds, coconut, fruit, organic dairy and tea with full-fat cream as a nice treat – all things allowed and encouraged on Phase 3 and lifelong maintenance! So glad I have never once craved anything sugary on this diet.
  4. I’m slower in my eating – still not slow, as I’m always hungry which leads to me eating quite quickly, but my meals are few and far between so I’m tempted to savour the bites more. I’ll keep working on this as it goes on.

These lessons are definitely adding value to me doing HCG!”


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