Phase 2 Day 12 VLCD

Weigh-in = 141lbs (=)

No weight loss today. This 141-142lb range is killing me!

I woke up feeling really positive, though. I weighed the same but consider the overall weight loss of 11 pounds in 12 days to be really good! I made a delicious and refreshing treat that will keep me going for much of this plan: iced passion tea lemonade, just like Starbucks’!

Buy the iced passion teabags from Tazo and brew one in 1L of hot water. Then add ice and 1L cold water. Then juice two lemons into the pitcher and add enough lemon stevia drops to sweeten. It’s delicious and a pitcher lasts me 2-4 days in the fridge.

I saw my doctor today for a 2-week check-in. He said I was looking skinnier and I sighed and told him I hadn’t lost any inches yet, which was frustrating me (well, none substantial, considering I lost 11 pounds!). He said it’ll come and told me all my concerns were normal. I also have had a really bad taste in my mouth the last few days which is making me really self-conscious about my breath. I bought some Spry gum which is approved as it is sweetened with xylitol, and that helps. My doctor said the taste is normal and is breath ketosis – ketosis is what happens when your body burns its fat cells for energy, so it’s a good sign! He said it would go away in P3.

My doctor also said he is getting a basal metabolic rate test machine shipped here and should have it by the time I’m ready to go into P3, which means I can test my metabolism to see exactly what my body is burning in its resting state so I can make sure I eat the right amount of calories, not too few/many.

I bought some prints online to decorate a wall in my bedroom tonight and also chatted with some friends. Nice to focus on something other than my weight for a change!

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 12 HCG = okay. My period finally started tonight, nearly two days late, so hopefully that stops the slow weight loss.”


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