Phase 2 Day 13 VLCD

Weigh-in = 139lbs (-2lbs)!!!!

Today I bought a digital scale at long last, which I will test tomorrow morning. I’m nervous to switch scales at this point but I’ll still use the previous two so relative weight loss is consistent.

I made radish chips after seeing the recipe in the Facebook group – so good! I really struggled with dinner though, as the tilapia with asparagus was inedible and made me gag. I threw out the asparagus and tried to sautee the tilapia with some cabbage (drown out the flavour!). I don’t want to do the rest of the round vegetarian because it’ll slow my losses, but the fish is proving a real issue…

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 13 HCG = TOM but who cares? -2 pounds! May have something to do with an upset stomach last night, but also explains my increased hunger. I always get that on my period.”


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