Phase 2 Day 14 VLCD

Weigh-in = 141.6 (+2.6lbs)

Biggest increase in weight yet. However, this reading is from the new scale, which may have told me I was 139.9 yesterday if I’d used it, so it may not be a full 2.6lb gain. still, I’m nowhere close to 139lbs. Damn TOM! Hard to stay motivated with this kind of setback. The regular scales are saying 141lbs too, so in any case there is an increase.

It is even more frustrating to see a gain when I managed to resist the urge to cheat last night when I hated that fish dinner so much. But anyway, I trust that it’s the long-term weight loss that matters so these daily fluctuations…well, I can’t let them mess with my head too much.

To try to motivate myself, I decided to measure (even though I’m not supposed to measure until tomorrow – we only measure on Mondays!). This really helped. My hips haven’t budged much and they’re the main place I want to lose weight, but measurements in general have really shrunk more substantially than last week.

I took myself solo to the movies, to get myself out of the house even though friends/family were all busy. I went to see The Martian and it was a great distraction.

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 14 HCG = inches gone, 11 pounds down! The HALLELUJAH came in with my measurements today! My hips haven’t budged much, but my butt feels and looks flatter (gotta do some barre glute work in P4 to make it perky again!) and my thighs were down a half inch each! Arms down 1/2 to 3/4 inch each, and waist down to just 25″! So I have to trust in this progress.”


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