Phase 2 Day 15 VLCD

Weigh-in = 141.6lbs (=)

Measurement day (Inches difference shown in brackets is from measurements last week, not from the start of the program):
11″ right upper arm (-0.5″)
11.25″ left upper arm (-0.25″)
33.5″ chest (-1″)
25.5″ waist (smallest part of torso) (-1″)
35″ low waist (hip bones) (-1″)
38″ hips (fullest part of body) (-0.5″)
20.5″ right upper thigh (-0.5″)
20.25″ left upper thigh (-0.25″)
13.25″ calf – right (-0.5″)
13.25″ calf – left (-0.25″)
32.5″ stomach (at naval line) (=)

Happy to have lost so much in measurements and maybe that’s why the weight has stalled. Some say your body can’t lose both inches and pounds at the same time, so perhaps that’s what’s going on.

Tonight is Canadian Thanksgiving so I am prepping my food to take over to my sister’s to eat while they eat their dinner, and I made cinnamon apples for dessert. Was nice to spend time with family – I have a real problem feeling isolated on this diet (I live with a roommate but she’s away for the month and so I find I just go to work and come home and watch TV to avoid temptation).

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 15 HCG = halfway! Same weight as yesterday (TOM?) but measurements are down! Woke up to find I’ve maintained yesterday’s gain but my measurements are substantially lower for the first time on the plan so I am happy and trust that by midweek the losses will resume once TOM has gone.”


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