Phase 2 Day 17 VLCD

Weigh-in = 140.4lb (=)

Same exact weight – to the ounce! – as yesterday. I’m hoping to go back to losing close to 1lb a day now that TOM has gone, and it doesn’t seem to be happening. I may get a whoosh once three days have passed from the end of TOM, but we’ll see.

I decided to do some Cali Kickers, as those are recommended to help get metabolism going. They are: 1 cup room-temp or warm water mixed with juice of half a lemon, half a packet of stevia and a dash of cayenne pepper. Some add apple cider vinegar to it so I have too. I had one tonight and will have two tomorrow – morning and night – and for the rest of the plan. One woman posted in the group that she did one one night and woke up to 5 pounds loss!

I ordered some Simple Girl salad dressings that admin in the Facebook group said are approved for HCG P2. They will hopefully make the world of difference to my boring meals. I ordered dressings and BBQ marinade (may be P3 approved only, not sure yet). They won’t get here until next Thursday (day 25) though, so still have a week to get through these bland meals!

Planned a Christmas shopping trip in November, when I will be just finishing up my first week of Phase 3, I hope.

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 17 HCG = same weight, lower measurements again though! To keep myself motivated I measured myself halfway through the week and my thighs measured under 20″ each! Hips less than 38″! Wow.”


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