Phase 2 Day 19 VLCD

Weigh-in = 139.2lbs (-0.8lbs)!

At last! Nearly a whole pound lost today. Again I had to weigh myself three times in the morning before I got the lowest reading, which is strange. But still, thrilled for such a low reading. Hopeful I’ve busted through that 140lb barrier and can keep losing all the way down to 130 now :).

Seems there may be something to that Cali Kicker after all – and I didn’t have any cayenne so I didn’t even have it with the ‘kick’! I’ll have to get some cayenne in my shop tomorrow.

Tonight I decided to try to bust through my fish boredom by ordering strictly grilled fish from the restaurant downstairs. I asked for no oil whatsoever. It was $25 (expensive!) but was enough for two servings. So I had my protein smoothie for lunch and then grilled fish and cabbage and lettuce for dinner.

Had a hair trim tonight and enjoyed the self-care. Was supposed to meet up with my friend but she’s pregnant and wasn’t feeling great so had an early night instead. After nearly 9 hours sleep last night I felt great and I know that may have helped with the loss!

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 19 HCG = nearly 1lb down! 139.2! Woot! Great news is that, in tracking my inches lost, I see that 10lbs of weight loss has rid me of 7.75″. I think another 10 pounds – and thus another 7.75″ – lost would get my body exactly where I want it to be physically!”


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