Phase 2 Day 20 VLCD

Weigh-in = 139.4lbs (+0.2lb)

Today was really tough mentally. I was finally on a good run past the 140lb barrier and with only 10 days left I was starting to think I might be able to do it – I may be able to get there…but now this stall has made me wonder if I’ll keep losing at my current rate – which is about 1lb every 4 days. That would mean I’d be lucky to lose another 3 pounds by the time my 30 days are up.

Looked at my calendar to have a ‘real talk’ with myself. If I need to keep going past 30 days, fine. I may as well do all I can to get the results I want because I really don’t want to do another round. If I did do another round I wouldn’t be able to until the New Year and I don’t want that hanging over my head.

Looking at my calendar and travel dates, realistically the longest round I can do this time is 37 days. Which would give me an additional week. If I did keep going this slowly, it would mean maybe a total weight loss of 5lbs more. That would at least take me down to 134, and maybe the inches lost would mean I would be happy there. But I want to get down another 9lbs, and I am wondering if another 17 days could do that. Realistically it should easily be able to – 0.5lb a day should be the LEAST we lose on this plan. So I have to cling to hope but days like this make it tough.

Many people on this plan are ‘clumpers’ – they lose weight in clumps – 2 lbs every few days but nothing in between, for example. It can be tough but staying on POP is crucial. Perhaps that is all it is for me. However, others have also said that the last 10 pounds are brutal, and that’s where I’m at. My body might want to cling to this remaining fat as much as it can. Also, if you were previously at a weight for a long time, you may get stuck there. I was at 135lbs for many years and always wanted to lose 5 pounds when I was there. So I am a bit concerned that once I get there I’ll also stall. That’s when you can get an apple day in there to help boost…

Apple days shouldn’t be done more than once a week or three times in a round, but I’ve only done one. It’s a good motivator psychologically and it helps your body let go of water weight it’s hanging on to which can cause stalls. So the tools are there, and I need to use them to reassure myself that I can do this.

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 20 HCG = up 0.2lbs and measurements up too. Mentally challenging one today. With measurements up I have to assume my water retention is up. Could have been the restaurant fish last night. I have half an order left to have for dinner tonight and then tomorrow will try cutting the salt to see if that helps. I need to have faith that I can do this.”


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