Phase 2 Day 3 VLCD

Weigh-in: 147lbs (-1 lb)

Worked from home for the first two hours this morning. I’ll have to do this three times a week for the next month for work reasons, but that’s really going to help on this diet as I can prep food for later in the day. Already worrying about possible pitfalls in this diet with me hosting the next book club get-together my final weekend in my 30-day round, and my period, which seems to cause everyone’s weight loss to stall, but of course trying to just go day by day and keep positive!

Met the visitors for work today and they seem like a good group of fun people. I left them in the hands of my colleagues for lunch and dinner, but I will have to go to dinner with them tomorrow night and Friday. Planning to order grilled fish and steamed veg and hoping I can stay as on protocol as possible.

Made baked tilapia with sauteed red cabbage for dinner – it was actually good! I might actually make that outside of P2. I also ate strawberries with a chocolate syrup made by NuNaturals (a stevia company, so the syrup is allowed), cinnamon apples, chocolate egg white souffles, chocolate delight and tomato salad. Great day of eats!

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Day 3 HCG = rockin’ this, ooh yah! I worry about Chocolate Delight, given that it’s not on my particular protocol. I can’t have it both ways surely? If I see a weight loss tomorrow it’s celebrate! If not, no more chocolate delight on this round.”


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