Phase 2 Day 4 VLCD

Weigh-in: 145lbs (-2lbs)!!

Longest day ever! but a nice mix of good and bad, rather than it being a rough long day!

It’s mainly due to work anyway – we are hosting these visitors and everything that could go wrong, did. However, I was able to stay on protocol and ordered grilled snapper and steamed veg at dinner. The veg were all mixed and not on protocol veg, but I ate the snow peas and green beans in the hopes that they would be the least starchy. Mixing veg on this is a no-no though, so hopefully it doesn’t impact my losses too much.

Quote from today’s journal:

“Day 4 HCG = 5lbs down already! Woot! I hunkered down during a storm outside and had tea with some colleagues at the hotel our visitors are staying at. My favourite spot for tea; they serve delicious shortbread cookies with their tea, but I handed mine off to the guests and sipped on my herbal tea instead.”


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