Phase 2 Day 5 VLCD

Weigh-in: 144lbs (-1lb)

Today certainly went smoother with the visitors at work, and I enjoyed a frozen strawberry sorbet for breakfast (blend frozen strawberries with water, some lemon juice and a few drops of liquid stevia). Eggs and cabbage for lunch with cinnamon apples and cottage cheese pudding with breadsticks for dinner (1/2 cup cottage cheese also allowed as a vegetarian protein source on this diet). I still have a cucumber salad to enjoy for an after-dinner snack if I wish!

I called the restaurant I was hosting the group at for dinner tonight and explained my dietary needs. Sadly, they don’t have a grill so said there was no way for them to prepare fish without oil. The gods answered me though, as the group was so stuffed from a late lunch that none were in the mood for a proper sit-down dinner, so we went to the restaurant and sat at a bar table for shared hors d’oeuvres instead. I just ate at home and didn’t eat at all at the restaurant, sipping on an unsweetened iced tea instead. It was brutal when they started sharing desserts (that restaurant has some of my favourite desserts!) but ultimately it made it a lot easier for me to go unnoticed while staying on protocol.

The guests wanted to go out after dinner so we took them to various bars and I didn’t end up home till 12:30am. I was starving but not wanting to eat late and I didn’t want to eat the cucumber salad, so I gave it a miss and went to bed.

Quote from today’s journal:

“Day 5 HCG = making it work…when the group preferred hors d’oeuvres it was better! I managed to not eat a bite at the restaurant despite my favourite fritters and dessert orders coming to the table! #MakingitWork!”


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