Phase 2 Day 6 VLCD

Weigh-in: 143lbs  (-1lb)

I woke up before 8am to get all our guests to the airport. However, that meant I only got 6 3/4 hours sleep – amazed my loss was still decent though! They say sleep really affects your losses on this diet.

I dropped some of the guests off for breakfast while I toured another around the town. It was really nice getting to know that guest and we stopped off and had tea which I was allowed, so that was nice. It’s awesome to still be able to have some social interactions on this plan when it’s so limited.

After I said goodbye to everyone I went home, had eggs and strawberries for lunch and was wiped. The last few days of frenetic activity finally caught up to me, I guess. I had a nail appointment two hours after I got home and peeling myself off the couch to go to that appointment was tough! However, I added on a reflexology session to the manicure and wow was that the right choice. I relaxed and nearly fell asleep! You’re not supposed to have massages on HCG and I struggle with a lot of muscle tension and aches and pains, so that would be tough for a whole month. Hopefully foot massages don’t apply to that rule though, because the reflexology was fantastic!

I had volunteered to help out a friend at his event that night selling tickets, and I really regretted that decision once I got there. I was stuck there for four hours and when I finally made it home, I really crashed!

Here’s a quote from today’s journal:

“Day 6 HCG = weak and tired, but POP (perfectly on protocol)! Got home late and had a dinner of cod and tomatoes (gross cod, won’t have it again and struggled to get it down). Plan on resting well tonight!”


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