Phase 2 Day 7 VLCD

Weigh-in: 142lbs (-1 lb)

Lazy day today to get back to real life after the work events of last week dominated my schedule! I was weak and wiped all day again today, though. Is this just still me being exhausted having overdone it, or is it the HCG diet wearing me out?

Also, I’m 10 pounds down from my loading weight and haven’t lost a single inch. How is that possible? It’s starting to prey on my mind – while the number on the scale going down is reassuring, ultimately I want to drop clothes sizes more than numbers! I felt trapped today, too. You can really mess your system up if you come off HCG too early – you have to stay on for at least 18 days – and while I don’t want to quit, I hate the feeling that I couldn’t quit if I wanted to (of course I could but I wouldn’t if it would screw me up more).

I tried tempeh for dinner tonight as my doctor had told me it would be fine, but it has rice in – so is heavy in starch – and I’m not sure that will serve me well. Not expecting to see a loss tomorrow…we’ll see.

Quote from today’s journal:

“Day 7 HCG = weak, a tough day. I had a cottage cheese lunch after the leftover cod and tomatoes actually made me physically gag, and then I tried tempeh for dinner. I think this may reflect on the scale tomorrow.”


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