Phase 2 Day 8 VLCD

Weigh-in: 142lbs (=)

Measurement day (2 inches lost in total, in 10 pounds!):
11.5″ right upper arm (=)
11.75″ left upper arm (-0.25″)
34.5″ chest (+0.5″)
26.5″ waist (smallest part of torso) (-0.75″)
36″ low waist (hip bones) (=)
38.5″ hips (fullest part of body) (-0.5″)
21″ right upper thigh (-0.5″)
20.5″ left upper thigh (-0.5″)

I added in some new measurements to track today, also:
13.75″ calf – right
13.5″ calf – left
32.5″ stomach (at naval line)

No weight loss today; not surprised after the tempeh incident yesterday! Silly, really. My time of month (TOM) is near, too, so that could impact weight loss. They say that TOM really messes you up – it can cause your weight loss to stall for 3 days before, 3 days after and, of course, during :(.

However, I discovered a new recipe today that made for a yummy meal and will help make this plan a LOT easier! Chocolate pancakes :). If you buy psyllium husk powder from a natural food store, 1 tbsp of that with 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 3-4 packets of stevia, 1 cup spinach and 1 egg + 3 egg whites blended together and fried in a light coating of coconut oil makes for delicious chocolate pancakes. I top them with my stewed cinnamon apples and some of that NuNaturals cocoa syrup I talked about a couple of days ago. So good!

I had grilled tilapia and asparagus with strawberries for dinner along with some stevia lemonade as a snack (juice of half a lemon mixed into a glass of iced water and some drops of lemon stevia).

Decided to book my trip to visit family for Christmas, and that was a nice distraction today. I was really motivated as well by looking into Phase 3 and what I can eat once I get there (still a ways off but still! I needed positive motivation!). It looks like it’s mainly Paleo and I love eating high healthy-fat meals, so I am actually quite excited.

I would like to drop eating fish EVERY day but could keep it a few times a week, especially once I’m allowed oil and can therefore order my fish in. I could supplement with protein shakes for snacks and the idea of scrambled egg and avocado breakfasts or nut butter and apple snacks is getting me through right now. I could even make a Paleo bread out of coconut or almond flour, to top with hummus. Excited!

Quote from today’s journal:

“Day 8 HCG = better and a yummy new meal! Work is a good distraction right now – as is TV and Netflix :). Still hungry but called my doctor and he will have an appetite suppressant prescription ready for me to pick up tomorrow that he says has helped people a lot!”


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