Preparation for the HCG diet and my background

Welcome to DaybyDayHCG – a blog where I want to anonymously log my day-by-day experience on the HCG diet, because I struggled to find a similar online source to look through as I was considering and preparing to go on it myself.

Also – I only have about 20 lbs to lose (25lbs to give me a nice safety net). I haven’t been that weight for about 8 years, since I was 22, and this is in large part due to thyroid issues that were only diagnosed and treated a couple of months ago. Now I have to shed the weight the thyroid caused me to gain and would not let me lose, and my doctor recommended the HCG diet for this purpose. Most accounts online I found were from people with much more weight to lose – more power to them, of course!, but I wasn’t looking to do several rounds of this diet, and I also knew my experience would probably be different because it takes a little longer to lose weight when you are in your final 10-20 pounds than when you have 50-100 pounds to lose. So I thought I would create this blog for anyone in a similar boat to me.

So, before we get going, here are my basic stats:

Sex: Female
Weight: 150lbs
Height: Just under 5’8″
11.5″ right upper arm
12″ left upper arm
34″ chest
27.25″ waist (smallest part of torso)
36″ low waist (hip bones)
39″ hips (fullest part of body)
21.5″ right upper thigh
21″ left upper thigh

I don’t know my body fat % but despite my height, 150lbs means a lot of extra fat around my waist, hips and thighs (I have flabby upper arms but that’s genetic. Even at my slimmest, I’ve never had tiny upper arms so I expect to get them to 10-10.5″ each at the smallest).

I have an hourglass shape and it’s my hips and butt and thighs that really fill out when I gain weight. I know it sounds too slim for my height but as I have a very small bone structure I actually look my best around 130lbs. I’d quite like to lose just over 20 pounds so I have a cushion of 2-3lbs, ending up at 127-128lbs.

I took antidepressants in my late teens and long suspected them for my weight issues. I gained weight on them and when I finally stopped taking them (at age 24) I could never lose weight easily – it took months to lose anything, and even then I wouldn’t lose much and as soon as I ate anything more than a very restrictive diet, or stopped excessive physical activity, I quickly gained weight.

After turning 30 about six months ago I finally went to the doctor. In the last year I had gained 10 pounds (from 135-145lbs) and then suddenly, in the space of a few weeks with no changes to my diet or exercise I gained another 5lbs, reaching 150lbs. My heaviest since I was much younger and on antidepressants (and comfort eating to the max!) and alarmingly fast given that I changed NOTHING. I was also very fatigued and stressed out. With these symptoms I went for extensive hormonal blood tests, and the results came back that I was ‘within healthy range’ for everything.

However, I insisted on answers from my doctor, telling him that despite not being out of range, these symptoms couldn’t be nothing. He looked at my results and said that even though I was still in range, I was towards the low end when it came to thyroid activity and a few other hormonal players, including cortisol. Basically, I was on the verge of being hypothyroid, and probably had adrenal fatigue. He started me on low-dose T3 medication and adrenal and iron supplements. As a vegetarian I had low ferritin – meaning I was getting enough iron but my body wasn’t making it available to my blood for energy – and with the thyroid and adrenal issues that was resulting in extensive fatigue.

Within a couple of weeks of being on T3 my energy – especially in the morning – was much improved, and my metabolism, I could feel, was faster. I have always been ridiculously cold even in warm temperatures and now my body temp definitely ran warmer.

Most importantly (to the vain part of my brain!), I stopped gaining weight. With the help of a prescribed appetite suppressant and a lot of close attention to my diet, I lost 5 pounds within a month. However, I got stuck at 145lbs again and when I went on a 1-week vacation and ate a little more than my usual restrictive eating, I quickly gained the 5 pounds back again. It was when I returned from that trip that I went to my doctor and said “enough is enough”.

Maybe I wasn’t gaining weight anymore, but this struggle to lose even the smallest number of pounds was driving me up the wall and after so many years of struggling with this, I decided to follow my doctor’s recommendation to do HCG. He said a short round of 30 days should be plenty for me, he had new sublingual pills that worked just as well as injections, and he said if I can carve out 30 days with no social commitments or travel plans, I would be thrilled with the results. So…after I got back from my trip I decided this would be it! I would load the last weekend in September, and begin my VLCD (very low-calorie diet) HCG journey on Monday, 28 September.

That’s the long intro over with! Here’s my day-by-day account of my HCG journey…

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