Phase 2 Day 21 VLCD

Weigh-in: 139.2lbs (-0.2lb)

Today was really, really tough. It was a Sunday, I had had a lazy Saturday but that had meant that beyond a trip to the grocery store, I hadn’t seen anyone, and I was really down about my weight continuing to stall. I felt fed up, isolated, lonely and bored and this led to me getting quite depressed. I felt on the verge of tears all day and was super sensitive. I started to wonder why everyone in the world (what this really means is everyone on Facebook) had happier lives, more fun weekend plans, had no struggles with their health or weight…of course, people probably think the same looking at my Facebook profile but you don’t have that clarity when you’re in such a funk.

I would strongly recommend joining an online support group as you go through HCG. They really saved my bacon yesterday (food pun unintended). They kept me going with encouragement, reminders that in your final 10 pounds your body has to work really hard to shed any weight and it will fight the HCG along the way, so things will slow down. I stayed POP, though out of self-sympathy I had an extra tablespoon of Chocolate Delight, above the allotted 2 tbsp you’re allowed.

I again gagged on my fish dinner and threw it out. I made the decision that if I was ready to quit this morning because of lack of progress, the very least I could do – that would ultimately be better than quitting – is stop sacrificing my tastebuds and my morals by force feeding myself a meal every day I detest. So no more fish – I’m doing the rest of my round vegetarian. The thing that freaked me out about doing it vegetarian at the start was that vegetarians often see the slowest weight loss on this – which is reported to be 1/2 pound a day. Having lost only 1.2lbs in the four days since TOM left, I am ultimately at that rate already so I may as well eat something that gets me through the days!

Again, here is where protocols vary slightly so be warned. Dr. Simeons’ original protocol says that vegetarians can have 1 egg and 3 egg whites or 1/2 cup cottage cheese for their protein. (I ended up having eggs for lunch yesterday and, when I had to throw out my fish dinner, I made cottage cheese pudding for dinner.)

My booklet allows for a soy patty that is no more than 110 calories, or a protein shake – as I’ve mentioned before – and 1 cup lowfat milk a day, in addition to the cottage cheese and egg recommendations. My book particularly notes that the cottage cheese and milk will cause slower losses due to the high natural sugar content of milk products. Therefore I decided to Google what vegetarians had done and it seems that most have eggs daily (Dr. Simeons’ original protocol doesn’t recommend eggs more than 3-4 times a week), and alternate the remaining meal between a protein shake (Garden of Life vegan shake is highly recommended and I have access to that), Boca burger patty and cottage cheese. Due to the processed nature of Boca burgers I won’t have those more than twice a week, and due to the natural milk sugars of cottage cheese I will keep that limited to twice a week as well. So I plan on having eggs daily – whether as HCG ‘souffles’ or pancakes/waffles or simply scrambled – and a smoothie, burger or cottage cheese pudding for the remaining meal a day. And if I lose at only 1/2 lb a day? Well, that’s better than I’ve been doing lately!

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Mentally, this weekend is super tough. Still no inches or pounds lost. I really had to lean on the girls in the Facebook group today and the general consensus is now that I’m in my last 10 pounds, and my abnormal fat is low, my body is going to hit certain weights where it just stalls.”


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