Phase 2 Day 22 VLCD

Weigh-in = 138.2lbs (-1lb)!!

Measurement day (Inches difference shown in brackets is from measurements last week, not from the start of the program):
11″ right upper arm (=)
11.5″ left upper arm (+0.25″)
33″ chest (-0.5″)
25.5″ waist (smallest part of torso) (=)
34.25″ low waist (hip bones) (-0.75″)
37.75″ hips (fullest part of body) (-0.25″)
20″ right upper thigh (-0.5″)
20″ left upper thigh (-0.25″)
13″ calf – right (-0.25″)
13″ calf – left (-0.25″)
30.25″ stomach (at naval line) (-2.25″)

At long last! Today was much better than the last two days – of course the weight loss started it off on the right foot but things like the Canadian election (a Liberal majority government sweep – yes!) and good chats with friends really helped too.

Before I write much more about today though, I found an amazing blog post about HCG and stalls. It was on the blog Inspired Girl and every word spoke to me. It’s long but so worth reading – look at this excerpt:

“Let’s say you hit a stall, and you feel frustrated, angry and out of control. You have already lost 10 pounds in 12 days (which is a GREAT weight loss for 12 days, and the stall could easily last 3-4 days), but you don’t care, you want to see the scale go down. If you take the time to explore the feelings and find out what’s underneath it, you may discover that what you are really angry or afraid of is feeling out of control. And if you track those feelings of anger or fear at being out of control back to their source, you may find a time (probably many times) in your life when you felt out of control and were then hurt or abused (either in small or large ways), and you made a decision to never that let happen again.
You can look throughout your life at situations where you avoid feeling out of control. You may try to control the uncontrollable or perhaps you freak out and get irrationally upset when you can’t get the situation under control. One way that this might show up in your life is not being able tolerate other people being angry at you. As a result, you don’t say how you feel in attempts to avoid their anger or perhaps you get really angry at another when they could potentially be mad at you. Sometimes you do something you don’t want to do in order to appease another or maybe you distance yourself from that person and withdraw in some way rather than communicate.

If you explore your fear of saying ‘no’ you may find times in your life when saying ‘no’ was not an option. If you said ‘no’ it meant that you got in trouble, someone left, or people got angry at you. If you explore your own rebelliousness and frustration about not being able to eat whatever you want, you will likely find a whole lifetime of battles between the part of you that wants ‘control’ and the part of you that wants ‘freedom’. Coming to terms with those two parts, creating peace between them, and learning to ‘feed’ and ‘nurture’ both parts, is really the key to a lifetime of maintenance and a healthy relationship to food and your body.

Once you begin to explore what is underneath the feelings that seem to be about food or the scale, you will find a whole inner world of emotions and decisions that affect the way you eat when they are not addressed. The issues get clearer when you are on HCG because you don’t have much food to hide behind or turn to. This is a GREAT time to get support in doing some core healing. If you know how to do the work yourself, great! For those of you who are just learning to explore your own inner workings, get support. Find a support group, get some therapy, do some reading, start a journal, and talk to healthy friends. Engage in activities that help you get past the surface feelings and support you in healing the source of your difficulties in how you deal with food and feel about your body.

Once you begin to see the core of what was driving you to eat and to feel frustrated, impatient, angry or afraid, you can begin to ‘feed’ those parts of yourself what they really want and need, other than food. Anger wants healthy expression. Fear wants comfort. Hurt and sadness want tears. Frustration wants an energetic release. etc. Once you identify the feeling and the decisions you have made about those feelings, you can begin to make new and healthier decisions on how to deal with these feelings. The protocol, and your commitment to lifestyle changes in how you feed yourself, will get much, much easier.”

Wow. Could never have said that better myself, as since all of my previous romantic relationships (and a number of other relationships, like family and friend relationships!) have ended with the other person leaving (and a couple of romantic relationships were abusive while they lasted) this all rang really true to me. See how much inner work you can get done on this diet??? It’s incredible.

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Wonderful day when you compare it back to back to yesterday! The election!…chatted with [friend], which was SO nice. She’s happy and I love hearing that and reconnecting with my best friend. Work was great and productive. Much better than yesterday!”


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