Phase 2 Day 23 VLCD

Weigh-in = 138.8lb (+0.6lbs)

As expected, I weighed a bit more today than yesterday. I expected this because I lost a whole pound yesterday and my weight has fluctuated too much lately for this to continue on a downward trend. These last 10 pounds sure are going to fight to come off! I didn’t let this affect my mood too much because I was expecting it, but I think what I will do is, the next time I lose some weight I will then not weigh myself for another day – taking those in-between days off from weighing myself (knowing they’re likely to be a stall or a gain) will help keep my head in the game, I think. And because I’m back at work and busy, the food is just easier to eat because I have so much else going on that I don’t mind that my diet is pretty boring.

The other reason I could have gained is that I had radish chips as a snack last night (I had them as a snack tonight, too, so I may gain again tomorrow). They’re great – they’re an allowed vegetable on the diet – and they’re filling and tasty, but because you use sea salt or Bragg’s on them to give them some flavour, they’re quite salty which may cause water retention. That can always lead to fast weight gain that actually doesn’t really show. My measurements, while not smaller this morning, were certainly not larger which tells me the gain is water weight.

It is also good to make sure you’re not getting too blocked up on this diet. May sound like TMI but as we’re not eating much food many people in the support group have been saying they’ve been having problems with not going to the bathroom as much as they’d like! I’ve found it okay, because I’m really having my 2-3tbsp coconut oil and cocoa powder a day and the oil is keeping it lubricated and the cocoa acts as a bit of a natural laxative. So either each night or morning I’m finding I can go, and that means I can’t blame that for weight stalling or gains either.

On the whole though, it was a great day. Being busy and productive at work gives me a sense of purpose I enjoy, and I spent some time with friends after work too and I can’t stress enough the importance of not holing yourself away while on this diet. If there’s one thing the misery of this past weekend taught me it was to spend time with people I care about! Trust me, the hunger and cravings dissipate after the first week or two so it’s actually not that hard even to go to a dinner where others are eating and you’re not. To me, it’s more important to spend time with people and distract yourself from the diet while resisting cravings than it is to sit at home eating your food but feeling pretty isolated and icky.

One temptation that did catch my eye today, speaking of resisting cravings – some team members at work went to the newest restaurant in our area for lunch and brought back pizza, dessert pizza and cheesecake for everyone to try. The pizza smelled amazing – that marinara sauce! – and cheesecake has long been a weakness of mine (I think I’m still bitter that the slice I bought for my loading days was gross and I threw it out – it was gross, but I should have gone out to a restaurant and got a takeout of proper New York cheesecake so I hadn’t missed out!). Then my friend’s mom arrived from Italy and brought with her some homemade tomato sauce that she was going to toss over freshly made pasta for dinner and I gotta say, it was pretty tough to high-tail it outta there to get home and have my egg pancakes and stewed cinnamon apples! But the long-term benefits are easy to keep in mind so after I left I realized the five minutes of difficult resisting that I had to go through to avoid those foods will be SO worth it when I know that if the scale doesn’t budge tomorrow, it’s NOT because I wasn’t POP!

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“Felt really loved and appreciated today – from spending time with my friends, to my roommate texting how much she missed me while she’s away, to my coworkers saying nice things to me and a good chat with my mom, I realized I have a lot of love in my life and don’t need to worry about silly food or make isolation into a bigger issue than it is.”


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