Phase 2 Day 24 VLCD

Weigh-in = 138.8lbs (=)

Same weight as yesterday, so need to keep on keeping on. Work had me very overwhelmed today so for the first time this plan I had a fleeting craving – it was easy to overcome as it was very brief, but I was at someone’s desk and saw some cheesy nachos (which is not something I would ever have craved before HCG!) and felt so tempted to dig in and just take a chip but it was a total stress urge. The good thing about HCG being so strict versus other diets is that perhaps on another you would have had a chip – the calories would have been small enough to make room for in your daily calorie count so what harm is done, right? But by completely nixing these whole groups of food and flavours you’re actually cleansing your tastebuds – eating one chip would have you wanting more all day long, whereas me resisting it for a split second meant I didn’t think about it after that (well, until now, writing about it! haha). So I’m finding there are many benefits to HCG beyond just the physical.

I had a lot of social interaction even after work today, and I think that really helped today be a good day.

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“My mom texted me an “I love you” message this morning which made me smile. My sister checked in on me with the diet and I chatted to a couple of friends online who are far away but going through exciting times, pregnant and planning weddings.”


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