Phase 2 Day 27 VLCD

Weigh-in = 138.6lbs (+0.4lbs)

Back up again – the 138lb yo-yo continues. It’s not like it’s even fixed at these ounces – I weigh myself a good 3-4 times each morning and the scale varies in that time. I record the lowest weight. It never varies more than 0.2-0.6lb but it still does. So really there’s a chance that on the whole, my weight hasn’t changed since Tuesday. I am contemplating an apple day but will give myself until tomorrow – if it’s the same tomorrow then I will do an apple day.

I spent the afternoon with a friend to cheer her up (she’s heavily pregnant and getting fed up) and we had a lot in common – both of us are fed up with thoughts of our bodies dominating our minds so we were happy to distract one another. I also went to the garden centre and got some new vegetables and plants and planted them on the balcony when I got home, and it really felt good – I think getting outside of my usual ways of winding down (reading, watching TV) and doing something new is good for my mind, too.

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“I’m now officially average as it’s day 27 and I’ve lost 14lbs, so my average weight loss is 0.5lbs a day. The weight gain this morning was odd but I was bloated when I woke up and I didn’t sleep well (I think I ate too late last night) so that might be why I gained.”


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