Phase 2 Day 28 VLCD

Weigh-in = 138.4lbs (-0.2lbs)

That’s it – apple day! I essentially have not budged more than 0.2lb (which is on a digital scale and I don’t trust its variances, to me it could have been 138.2 or 138.6, who knows) for a week now. So apple day it is.

I was hungrier this time than I was last apple day, so it was tough. Apple day is done from noon to noon, so I couldn’t eat anything until noon (and you’re supposed to only drink to quench thirst so you can’t fill up on water either – apple days are all about shedding water retention) and I was starving, so had an apple cut into wedges. By 3pm I had had two stewed apples as well. I went for tea with my sister at 3 and had an unsweetened iced tea (you’re apparently not supposed to have tea on apple days but I figured she was already accommodating my diet by going for tea and not food, so I didn’t want to be really annoying about it). I then played with my niece for a bit and managed to put off having the fourth apple until 6pm, and had the fifth at about 7:45. I was hungry, and went to bed hungry, which is never fun, but still – here’s hoping it pays off!

Quote from today’s journal entry:

“In my bikini this morning when I went to the pool I thought “I am SO close to loving my body. I like it now, and I want to LOVE it – so close I cannot give up!” That was motivating, and I really hope apple day works…”


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